Oh, Child

Through April 1st of this year there were already 120 homicides in Chicago. A great many of them are kids shooting kids over drug turf, gang symbols and words.  While the police continue to police the tonier neighborhoods and protect property, there is a genocide of teenagers in the wrong-headed “War on Drugs.”  It’s actually a war on the poor. . .

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  1. same ol’ shit, different day. they have to protect those deemed worthy of protection. i’m SO ready for Gen Y to take over. between the baby boomers and gen x….we’re fucking things up left and right. war on poverty will always be because that is the worst possible future for the upper and upper-middle class – the fear of not having enough and not being able to keep up with all those Joneses. gross. it is all in the name of a never truly level playing field. hence the elites…..

  2. The brutal reality of what you say, Tony, just breaks me heart as to the young people stolen from their loved ones, their communities, and all of us and completely pisses me off as to the disgusting, self-serving, lackadaisical attitude of the morally corrupt authorities from Emanuel on down to the cops.

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