I always thought that if animals could stand up and walk and talk like us, they’d spend a lot of time telling us how bad we have been for them–killing them at will, fucking up their habitat (and our own) and just basically being shitty neighbors.

I think the new hunting should be hunting the hunters, while they are hunting. If you see one in a boat standing up to shoot a duck, you shoot him first.  Gut shoot him so you don’t wreck the head, (you’re going to want to mount that) complete with the glow-in-the-dark-orange-retard-hat.  Maybe tilt that bad-boy to a rakish angle and maybe have the fart-whistle in his mouth–the thing he calls the ducks with.

The slob who owns Jimmy Johns likes to go out and shoot tigers, elephants and other endangered animals for trophies. I think maybe I want a fat-slob rug for my crib, complete with a safari hat.  Maybe order one of the prick’s six-foot subs to have a party for my new trophy.
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  1. Do you ever exhibit in Ireland. Your work is fantastic

  2. A fat slob rug – I like that!

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