Black Widows


In Ireland, there is an all-women motorcycle gang called the Black Widows. Their website is a little cryptic about what exactly they do. Tthe only information they willingly give up is that they tour around Ireland going to  “rallies” (I assume this means bike races, not unlike the Isle of Wight race).

There is one group shot of them from far off that looks like a group of amply proportioned gals of a certain age. They look somewhat road-tested and of ill-humor. Something tells me they could probably kick the holy dog-shit out of the male motorcycle gangs in Ireland.

They have a very no-bullshit countenance. Like, if you made them angry, they’d stomp a mudhole in your ass.

In New Orleans, there are some very boss-looking women’s motorcycle clubs–Caramel Curves, which is full of Pam Grier-type, curvy women and the Queenz, who come out every  “Super Sunday” for the Mardi Gras Indians gatherings. Both clubs are for African American women and both clubs dress up for this–lots of tight spandex and leather.

Thank god I was wearing the baggy pants.

The Sisters of Scota are a club comprised,mainly, of gay women from the Bay area who rally at the pride parade and other events, as well as do a lot of charity work for breast cancer organizations and LGBT charities. The name “Scota” comes from an ancient woman warrior in mythology. The Road Angels is another motorcycle club who does a great deal of charity work, mostly with people in recovery and substance abuse issues.

Women’s Clubs, like women, are far more concerned with doing some good in the world than their male counterparts.

Where as men’s gangs are a lot about beer, pussy, dope, respect and guns, women’s groups tend to be altruistic in nature.

Here is to the Black Widows of Ireland. Mess with them, and you’ll wake up with the cats looking at you.

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