Midnight City #5 (Cabal)

Midnight City #5 (Cabal)_100He looked at me and said, “This place is full of gimps, assholes, weaklings, and pretenders. It is the Boulevard of Misfit Toys–fuck-heads, cripples and glue factory rejects. They couldn’t get a job pimping hand-towels in the mensroom. They’d eat all of the Chicklets.”

He took a long drag off his Viceroy and narrowed his eyes. “The worst part is I couldn’t live without them. they are my tether to Hollywood Boulevard; my assurance that I’m not the worst. . .a reminder that you always can lose more.”

“These fuckers don’t even make the milk carton. They fall off the earth and it’s another dead mutt in mutt-land. The one guy sells loosies for a nickel each and the asshole doesn’t realize how much cigarettes cost anymore. He loses money on the deal.”

“Welcome to the other side, kid.”

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