A Portrait of My Dog, in the World

A Portrait of my Dog, in the World

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August…(A Drawing for Wallace Stevens)


Something a little different. This one, inspired by my favorite poem in the world.

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The Sky at Ohio #2


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Midnight City #9 – The Egyptian

MidnightCity9The Egyptian

The Beast stared right back at Fatty Arbuckle, an’ it was like he was staring a hole right through him. Even though the fat man had never seen him before, he knew instantly that this beast was the guardian of the Dead. He didn’t know why he knew that–he just knew.

He ran into the theater and found Sid Grauman–told him everything. The girl. . . the passing out. . the waking up in all of the damned blood. . .the massive creature awaiting him in the street. He knew nothing was ever going to be alright ever again. Sid told him he had to walk out to the boulevard and let himself be devoured, that, that is just the way it is. The Beast has come for him and making him wait only makes it worse. Fatty told Sid he didn’t know if he raped the girl or not. He was drunk and he didn’t remember. Sid took his old friend’s hand and smiled a sad smile.He told him, “That’s why the beast is here, Roscoe. He knows.”

Sid never remembered whether Fatty walked out the door or jumped out the window. He just knows it was one thing or the other.

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