Lunch Drawing: Oil Flowers

Oil Flowers: Lunch Drawing #7

Every time I think of what we give up in the pursuit of oil, I think of the phrase, “Pyyrhic victory,” referring to the war of Pyyrha, which was actually many battles between Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians, Etruscans, and many other tribes and countries. It ended in the defeat of the Greek armies, but it was a victory that came at such a high cost, it more resembled defeat.

Such has been our endless consumption of fossil fuel. It has nearly destroyed our environment, caused worldwide misery and warfare, and killed millions seeking to control its supply. It is one of those conflicts that degrades and erodes all who engage it. Oil will kill us, one way or another, and oil companies will continue to send our young men and women to meaningless wars in order to protect their interests. It is vile stuff. The sooner we get off it, the safer the world will be.

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