Lunch Drawing 19: Kid Flamin’ Hot


As a kid, I liked making imaginary animals; beasts-, lions with eagle heads, snakes with baby heads, and naked women with bird heads. I had more fun drawing things and animals that didn’t exist except in the curious neighborhood of my own head. I remembered Johnny Carson would have Jim Fowler, from Wild Kingdom on his program. Fowler often brought odd creatures to scare the shit out of Johnny with–pangolins, vultures, hyenas and all manner of large constricting snakes. Once be brought a Bateleur eagle that took a monstrously slick, sticky shit on Johnny’s desk and Carson about puked before cutting to commercial.

After seeing all of these oddities , I began to think some of the creatures I was making up might actually exist somewhere in the world. I particularly liked strange animals like civets, meerkats, wolverines, badgers and Tasmanian devils–vicious, feral-looking motherfuckers who love you not. They seemed to all be small and mean and built out of knotted muscle for violence and grievous harm.

A couple of years ago there was a screamingly funny YouTube video about the honey badger–and how honey badger didn’t give a shit. In it , the honey badger runs amok, fucking up every other creature in sight, including a cobra–who bites the honey badger and we think, “Oh, he is fucked now,” but no. After passing out for about 3 minutes, he awakens and continues to kill the shit out of the cobra and then eats him; all 5 feet of him. After this, he trots off in search of some other living thing to fuck up and inflict mayhem upon.

The video is funnier than hell and also makes the point that nature is mostly around-the-clock murder. No right. No wrong. Only consequences.

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  1. Fascinating drawing-again, Tony. Thanks. The 4 legged Honey Badgers are fascinating: The two legged ones? Not so much…especially when it’s your “mother.”
    “didn’t give a shit..runs amock, fucking up every other creature in sight…trots off in search of some other living things to fuck up and inflict mayhem upon.” Yeah, exactly. Ruthless, relentless and persistent. It’s just who they are, yk?

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