Alphabet of Songbirds – B

Alphabet of Songbirds - B

I’ve kind of been quietly making an etching alphabet of songbirds. The first idea was to make them pretty, pretty, pretty, and then I thought about the nature of Nature–it’s not all pretty–and then the hideous habitat destruction we’ve inflicted on songbirds and every other creature the landscape attempts to sustain, and the pictures have become a bit tougher and more wild, and maybe more true. We’ll see.

“B”is for Baltimore Oriole.

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  1. I met your sister at Northwestern Hospital. She is a good nurse and a wonderful person. I am a damn good artist and a Purple Heart Recipient. I am trying to piece it all together. My piers and I have something going on at College of DuPage. A handful of older students. I feel the urge to reach out and learn from you. Can we meet up sometime? Regards, Ken Jacobs

  2. I am interested in purchasing this print if it is available. Please let me know if and where I can get ahold of it! You have really amazing work and I think my friend would love this even more than I do. – Aaron

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