Bird for Cuba

Bird for Cuba

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  1. Your art is pretty fine! your boxing views are less so! Seriously, did you actually make that comment about british boxers wearing dresses?… You fucking idiot!!!!…. I remember Joe Calzaghe smashing up the great yank hope Jeff Lacy. I remember Lewis smashing all in front of him,except the dubious Klitschko fight. I see Froch beating all, except the great andre ward. I see the unbeaten shithousen Tyson Fury still hasn’t been tamed…..Americans are wanking off to the over-hyped Deontay Wilder! When he fights someone that hasn’t lost all of their previous 6 fights you might be able to see the charlatan he is……..But don’t expect it soon!!! The whole world knows the Malik Scott was fixed!!!!!!!

    Embarrasing Usa acting >

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