Lunch Drawing #36: Winter Indigo Bird (In a Messy Map of the Human Heart)

Lunch Drawing #36 Winter Indigo Bunting (A Messy Map of the Human Heart)This in one of those forever affected by the sad events surrounding its creation. In the middle of making this piece, I learned of the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, one of my favorite actors. The performance that has stayed with me the most was in MAGNOLIA, where he played a hospice worker trying to help a man who is at death’s door, reconnect with his son. There is such ache, compassion, and kindness in this work, it has become an indelible testament to a great talent.

His was a talent of stillness, understatement and great empathy; the idea that kindness could be strength. Godspeed Mr. Hoffman. Your every performance was a great lesson to lesser actors, which is to say, all of us.

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